School Health and Safety - Training & Audit

Executed by EduExcellence with Research Support from IIT Delhi

With so much exposure coming to our students the job of parents have

become very tough and similarly, the job of schools have also been affected by

this.  The schools now have to be more vigilant than ever on child health and

safety and at the same time stay very sensitive to the changing dynamics of

relations between children & children and children & adults.

To help out the concerned schools, an initiative has been taken on improving children health and

safety with faculty and research support from IIT Delhi by EduExcellence.

Interested Schools can become a part of it and make their schools a safer and healthier.



Process after applying


This will be a 6 months process. The research projects will be awarded in 2019 conference at IIT Delhi and will be completed sometime in 2020, the chronological sequence of events will be as followed



Will be awarded the titile “Research Partners ‘City Name’ on Children Health and Safety ” at IIT Delhi at the time of initiation

Your role  in this initiative School promotion and branding to all the 25000 school in the India

2 delegate passes each in 2019 Leader’s conference when the study will start to come and receive the awarded research project

Display of your school logo as the “Research Partner Child Health and Safety” during the conference

Inclusion of your one page school information in Conference Book


Handholding by Expert faculty to do the research at your school

Faculty and trainers to do the sessions with students and parents after the research findings

The paper to be published at the Annual IIT Delhi conference book with 25 copies to be given to school

An opportunity to present your work in 2020 conference 

Certificate to be given at the completion of activities to the school on “Health and Safety” 

2 delegate passes each in 2020 Leader’s conference when the study end come and receive the completion certificate of the research


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